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The group has moved to Uppsala University

It has been a great journey so far and we would like to thank again all who have made it possible, especially everybody at Freiburg University. 

This web presence will be discontinued and is no longer updated. A new page at kemi.uu.se will follow in due course. For the new contact information, please see here.



 - Summer 2019 -

Older News

News Item 05-2021
We are moving to the Department of Chemistry - BMC at Uppsala University (Sweden). This is a very exciting step for us and we are looking forward to the manifold opportunities that lie ahead. A new web presence @ kemi.uu.se will follow and this page will be discontinued soon.
News Item 02-2021
A titanium(III)-catalyzed desulfonylation developed by Christoph and Jan has been accepted for publication in Chemistry — A European Journal. The reaction allows the convenient removal of phenyl-, p-toluene-, and methanesulfonyl groups at α-carbons of nitriles and ketones.
News Item 05-2020
Our Zr-catalyzed remote activation of non-activated heterofunctions featuring a catalytic Zr-walk has been published in ACS Catal. Furthermore, we have developed chiral titanocenes based on Cramer's C2-symmetric ligand. See our recent publication in J. Organomet. Chem.
News Item 03-2020
Jan will be teaching at Stuttgart University this summer term as Visiting Professor. The Advanced Synthesis course scheduled for Thursdays 6:15 p.m will take place regardless of this appointment (on the condition that no SARS-CoV-2 related administrative restrictions/cancellations are imposed).
News Item 09-2019
We have just published a new method for the catalytic reductive decyanation of dinitriles in Angewandte Chemie. The titanium(III) catalyzed C-CN cleavage is a mild and broadly applicable alternative to traditional decyanation protocols and can be applied to the synthesis of α-functionalized nitriles.
News Item 08-2019
As part of our ansa-metallocene synthesis, we have introduced a reliable synthesis of α,ω‐bisenones via a double Grignard addition to diacid Weinreb amides. A full paper containing the initial developed and an expanded scope has now been published in the European Journal of Organic Chemistry.
News Item 08-2019
The zirconium catalyzed cleavage of non-activated C-heteroatom bonds developed by Christof and Frederic has been published in Organic Letters.
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