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 - April 2018 -



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News Item 08-2019
As part of our ansa-metallocene synthesis, we have introduced a reliable synthesis of α,ω‐bisenones via a double Grignard addition to diacid Weinreb amides. A full paper containing the initial developed and an expanded scope has now been published in Eur. J. Org. Chem.
News Item 08-2019
The zirconium catalyzed cleavage of non-activated C-heteroatom bonds developed by Christof and Frederic has been published in Organic Letters.
News Item 06-2019
Our Minireview on the synthesis of chiral carbon-bridged ansa-Metallocenes has been published in Chemistry — A European Journal. It gives an overview of the different approaches to this privileged class of catalysts.
News Item 01-2019
Our full paper on the titanium(III) catalyzed synthesis of 3-aminoindoles, 3-aminopyrroles, and 3-iminoindolines has been published in Chemistry — A European Journal. The article comprises the development, scope and applications of the methodology, as well as a number of additional features such as a unique Pd-catalyzed oxidative biaryl coupling and an investigation of the fluorescence properties of the new iminoindoline products. For details, see the list of publications.
News Item 11-2018
A full paper on Jin's total synthesis of 3-demethoxyerythratidinone has just been accepted for publication in the European Journal of Organic Chemistry.
News Item 10-2018
Our work dealing with an efficient modular approach to chiral carbon-bridged ansa-metallocenes has been published in Chemistry — A European Journal. Jan was awarded the Eugen-Graetz-Prize of the University of Freiburg.
News Item 07-2018
This year's Day of Research of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy was a great success. We, the organizers, thank everybody for attending and contributing to the event.
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