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Advanced Synthesis Seminar


The topics are recent publications on natural product synthesis with focus on the mechanistic steps. The idea is to repeat standard synthetic procedures and to discuss some unusual steps as an exercise for the final organic chemistry exams. Problem sheets will be handed out at the beginning of each class.


Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to attend. A bachelor degree in chemistry is recommended.


Past Targets:

winter term 2019/20:
winter term 2018/19:
    summer term 2018:
    winter term 2017/2018:

    winter term 2016/2017:

    winter term 2015/2016:
     summer term 2015:
    winter term 2012/2013:
    winter term 2011/2012:
    summer term 2011:


    winter term 2010/2011:
    summer term 2010:
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